Caged in My Feelings — Enjaulado en mis sentimientos

Francisco Martínez
3 min readMay 26

Caged in My Feelings

It was at birth when it happened. My mother gave birth to me at sea. When I slipped through her vagina, the image of being among aquamarines and a strong taste of the sea penetrated my consciousness forever. That sensation of the sea, of salty air, has not left me, until today. My father grabbed my feet and turned me face down. My brain protested, and at that moment my conscious self shared the Oedipus complex with my subconscious until my father died. I had to fight many wars afterwards in a hostile and ruthless world. Years after my father’s death, my loving mother succumbed to a long and painful illness, and she left me alone. The aquamarines and the taste of the sea came to comfort me, as always happened when events conspired to destroy my little energy to survive. At the bottom of the sea, in the turquoise waters where I was born, I found the peace that denied me existence. Until today.

In moments of despair, I learned to sneak into the past to talk to the dead. Strange dead, alien, who asked me to help them return to the world of the living. When I wandered the underworld, I wondered how I couldn’t find my father. And coincidentally, in one of the ghostly encounters, around the corner of the underworld, he appeared, and I asked his forgiveness. He was waiting for me with open arms and an infinite smile illuminated his face. To my surprise, after my father, my mother appeared, and then I discovered her true nature. She was a mermaid and had never revealed it to me. Her love for my father made her abandon her true nature to appear as a woman before everyone’s eyes, including mine. My mother, who had the blessing of goodness, wrote the days with blue feelings, and her hands contained all the happiness in the universe.

Everything has finished today. Today it has come to visit me the nameless and has just erased all my memories. She only left me for a moment to say goodbye to them. Today I am nothing.

Enjaulado en mis sentimientos

Fue al nacer cuando ocurrió. Mi madre me dio a luz en el mar. Cuando me deslizaba a través de la vagina, la imagen de estar entre aguamarinas y un fuerte sabor a mar penetraron en mi conciencia para siempre. Esa sensación de mar, de aire salado, no me…

Francisco Martínez

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