Extraordinary Legends: Encounter — Leyendas extraordinarias: el encuentro

Francisco Martínez
4 min readAug 22, 2023

Extraordinary Legends: Encounter

In the depths of a moonless night, in a time when the stars guided the path of travelers, a mysterious visitor from the cosmos found himself trapped in the moat of an ancient medieval castle. His silver skin glowed dimly in the dark, and his luminous eyes searched desperately for a way out.

The local villagers had heard stories of creatures falling from the sky, but none had fallen on their land before. Legend said that the aliens brought with them cosmic secrets, knowledge that could change the destiny of those who dared to help them.

Meanwhile, a group of merchants traveled to the castle in search of a new clientele. They came from distant lands, with caravans loaded with soft, colorful silks that danced in the wind. They were not warriors, but their determination and bravery were unwavering.

Arriving at the castle, they heard whispers from the villagers about being trapped in the moat. Without hesitation, they moved to the edge, where the silver creature was looking at them with curiosity and hope. They spoke an unknown language, but the language of kindness transcends barriers.

On a long, stout rope, the merchants lowered themselves into the moat, extending a helping hand to the visitor from the stars. The alien nodded gratefully and confidently, holding on to the rope as he ascended to freedom.