Language and Other Extraordinary Stories — El lenguaje y otros cuentos extraordinarios

Francisco Martínez
2 min readMay 19, 2024

Language and Other Extraordinary Stories

The other day I was telling my dog about the time that had to pass since humans invented language, until all animals, some before and others after, began to understand and speak the language of humans.

With a certain contemptuous air, my dog told me that, although mastering language had cost them a little more, they had other abilities that human beings did not possess and have never possessed. For one reason or another, they can detect the presence of invisible forces from the ethereal world.

Slowly drinking the beer from him, and hiding his gaze under some modern sunglasses, my dog ​​ told me:

-If you could see what I see, it would worry you. There is a being of light behind you that identifies itself as the future being that you will soon become. So you must value language appropriately compared to other abilities that you have not been able to acquire.

El lenguaje y otros cuentos extraordinarios

El otro día le comentaba a mi perro el tiempo que ha tenido que transcurrir desde que los humanos inventamos el lenguaje, hasta que el conjunto de los animales, unos antes y otros…