My Machine and I — Mi máquina y yo

Francisco Martínez
3 min readMar 31, 2023

My Machine and I

From a few days ago my machine carelessly wander through the spaces of my mind and through the rooms of my house. There is no loophole left to hide myself. Until recently, my machine did all the work, only turning to me when it ran into some insurmountable concept or problem, which happened a couple of times a year at most. She was in charge of giving the appropriate orders to all the electrical appliances, so that she kept the house clean, and the menus it cooked were exceptional. She took care of my rest, answered the calls from the office, filled out the income statement and kept track of expenses in general. Needless to say, it also did my office job, through teleworking.

A few days ago, as I said, my machine started behaving strangely. And I think it was as a result of a visit from a girl friend whom I invited to eat and with whom it behaved exquisitely. However, immediately after my guest left, the machine started doing strange things.

I called the seller and explained the case to him. He told me that other users had encountered the same problem. They had precisely bought their machines in the city of Kroben. When the seller contacted the manufacturer, the manufacturer told him that it was a limited series of machines that he had developed the sense of jealousy. They had discovered that after exactly thirty-two days, and if no other event occurred that caused them to experience jealousy, their functioning returned to normal.

That answer reassured me. To avoid another similar episode, I called my girl friend to meet at her house for dinner.

Mi máquina y yo

Hace unos días que mi máquina se pasea despreocupadamente por los espacios de mi mente y por las habitaciones de mi casa. No queda ningún resquicio donde esconderme. Hasta hace poco, mi máquina hacía todo el trabajo, y solo se dirigía a mí cuando se encontraba con algún concepto o problema insalvable, cosa que ocurría como máximo un par de veces al año. Ella se encargaba de dar las órdenes oportunas a todos los electrodomésticos, de manera que mantenía la casa limpia, y los menús eran excepcionales. Cuidaba de mi descanso, atendía las llamadas de la oficina, cumplimentaba la declaración de la renta y hacía un seguimiento de los gastos en general. Ni que decir tiene, que también hacía mi trabajo, o teletrabajo.



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