Rescue Across the Stars — Rescate a través de las estrellas

Francisco Martínez
4 min readAug 24, 2023

Rescue Across the Stars

In the distant future, humanity had colonized Mars, establishing a powerful civilization. Tensions grew between the Martian settlers and the remaining population on Earth, leading to what historians would later dub the Fourth World War. The Mars-based army launched a devastating assault on Earth, their advanced technology giving them a formidable advantage.

Among the chaos and destruction, a man named Alex found himself separated from his wife, Elena, who was on Earth during the attack. He had been on a business trip to Mars when the conflict erupted, leaving them in different worlds, separated by galaxies and war.

Determined to rescue his beloved wife, Alex joined a daring group of interstellar activists. They believed that peace could still be achieved, and they planned to navigate through the war-torn battlegrounds to reach Earth. Equipped with an experimental spacecraft, they embarked on a treacherous journey.

As they soared through the cosmos, dodging debris and enemy spacecraft, Alex’s determination grew stronger with every passing moment. He was driven not only by love for Elena but also by a yearning to end the senseless bloodshed that had consumed both planets.

The battle raged on both Earth and Mars, with humanity suffering on both sides. Alex’s group made contact with Earth’s resistance, who saw their arrival as a glimmer of hope. A plan was hatched to…