The Magic in Things — La magia en las cosas

Francisco Martínez
3 min readFeb 21, 2023

The magic in Things

I am in the epilogue of my life. Not that it was anything special, but fundamentally I feel lucky. I have been lucky enough to share my life with an extraordinary woman, I have enjoyed four exceptional children, and I have worked, or rather, I have had the opportunity to dedicate my life to what I was passionate about since I was a child and that still awakens my eldest today interest.

I remember the day I came to Stanford to enroll in artificial intelligence studies. It couldn’t be more shocking. I was greeted by a very nice and friendly girl who invited me to fill in the documentation corresponding to the registration of the first year. When I tried to flirt with her, she very kindly responded with some splendid pumpkins, and given my natural success with girls, it left me somewhat disappointed. My surprise was that when I met other students at the University, I learned that the beautiful and friendly girl was actually a robot, one of the recent results of the research program in robotics and artificial intelligence that served as a publicity claim for the University. It was the summer of the year 2250 and then I understood her refusal to go out with me.

Taking into account that the discipline of artificial intelligence accumulates an experience of more than four hundred years (we are in August of the year 2350 and I have just turned 120 years old), the achievements obtained during this period of time have been very important. My age reveals that not only has much progress been made in this discipline, but also that achievements in medicine and health sciences have allowed humans to enjoy exceptional longevity and quality of life.

Returning to my story, I have to say that I could not imagine the surprises that still awaited me in the following days. After leaving campus, I returned to my hotel room where I was staying, hoping to find an apartment near campus that I could share with other students.

La magia en las cosas

Estoy en el epilogo de mi vida. No es que haya sido nada especial, pero en lo fundamental me siento afortunado. He tenido la suerte de compartir mi existencia con una mujer extraordinaria, he disfrutado de cuatro hijos excepcionales, y he trabajado, o mejor dicho, he tenido la oportunidad de dedicar mi vida a lo que desde niño me apasionaba y que aún hoy despierta mi mayor interés.



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