The Runes — Las runas

Francisco Martínez
3 min readFeb 14

During the last days of the Christmas of the year in which the nineteenth century ended, the expedition led by Robert Ustinov managed to reach the North Pole.

Robert Ustinov, had consumed his last energies to get the goal before the end of the year, and had instructed to his friends to install the tents a few hundred meters from the geographic North Pole. Once the members of the group were accommodated and following an irrational impulse, he tried with a torch to explore the surroundings.

In the distance he saw an almost human figure. The stars of the polar night illuminated the loneliness of a snowman.

He was approaching to the snowman, advancing with difficulty, walking through the frozen ground and when he was near of it, he discovered a kind of wooden scaffold on which there were runic letters.

At that time he cursed he did not learned their meaning before. But he did not give time to anything else. The ground gave way and fell to the void with the torch to which he clung as his only salvation. He descended at a great speed and in his desperation, had closed his eyes to not see his own end. However, after a while he kept suspended in a vacuum.

When he opened his eyes, the light of the torch offered him a Dantesque spectacle. He discovered that the earth was hollow and that the gravitational attraction of the earth’s crust prevented him from descending towards the center. But what made him go crazy was that he was surrounded by Viking corpses equipped with swords, chain mail and flotating along with them there were spears, axes, snaghyrndörx, bows, knives …

He thought the runes were a warning. If he had known how to interpret them …

Eran los últimos días de la navidad del año en el que terminaba el siglo XIX, y la expedición dirigida por Robert Ustinov consiguió alcanzar el polo norte.

Robert Ustinov, había consumido sus últimas energías en alcanzar la meta antes de fin de año, y había dado instrucciones a sus compañeros para que se instalaran las tiendas a unos cientos de metros del polo norte geográfico. Una vez acomodados los componentes del grupo y siguiendo un impulso irracional, intentó con una antorcha explorar los alrededores.

A lo lejos divisó una figura casi humana. Las estrellas de la noche polar iluminaban la soledad de un muñeco de nieve.

Francisco Martínez

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