What skills distinguish a good microfiction writer? — ¿Qué habilidades distinguen a un buen escritor de microcuentos?

Francisco Martínez
3 min readDec 18, 2023

What skills distinguish a good microfiction writer?

Microfiction writing, due to its brevity and conciseness, requires specific skills to convey a complete story in a limited space. Some skills that distinguish a good microfiction writer include:

Synthesis: The ability to condense a meaningful story into few words is fundamental. A good microfiction writer knows how to choose precise words and eliminate the superfluous.

Imagination: Creativity and the ability to think innovatively are essential for generating original and surprising ideas in a confined space.

Economy of Words: The ability to convey emotions and details with minimal words is crucial. Each word in a microfiction must serve a specific purpose.

Emotional Impact: A good microfiction writer can evoke intense emotions in the reader in a short space. Careful choice of words and plot construction are key to achieving this.

Narrative Skill: Despite its brevity, a microfiction still needs to have a coherent narrative structure. The writer must be able to introduce, develop, and conclude the story effectively.

Controlled Ambiguity: Knowing how much information to leave implicit and how much to explain is an important skill. A touch of ambiguity can make the reader reflect and engage more in the story.

Originality: The ability to present unique concepts or unexpected twists in a limited space is essential to stand out in the genre of microfiction.

Rigorous Editing: Given the limited space, a good microfiction writer must be a diligent editor. Removing redundancies and perfecting word choice is crucial.

Reader Awareness: Taking into account the reader’s interpretation and how they will relate to the story is important. A successful microfiction can resonate in different ways with different readers.

Experimentation: A willingness to try different styles, structures, and narrative approaches can lead to creative discoveries in the microfiction format.

Remember that continuous practice and reading microfiction by prominent authors are excellent ways to refine these skills. Experimentation and feedback are also crucial for development…



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