What skills distinguish a good microfiction writer? — ¿Qué habilidades distinguen a un buen escritor de microcuentos?

Francisco Martínez
3 min readDec 18, 2023

What skills distinguish a good microfiction writer?

Microfiction writing, due to its brevity and conciseness, requires specific skills to convey a complete story in a limited space. Some skills that distinguish a good microfiction writer include:

Synthesis: The ability to condense a meaningful story into few words is fundamental. A good microfiction writer knows how to choose precise words and eliminate the superfluous.

Imagination: Creativity and the ability to think innovatively are essential for generating original and surprising ideas in a confined space.

Economy of Words: The ability to convey emotions and details with minimal words is crucial. Each word in a microfiction must serve a specific purpose.

Emotional Impact: A good microfiction writer can evoke intense emotions in the reader in a short space. Careful choice of words and plot construction are key to achieving this.

Narrative Skill: Despite its brevity, a microfiction still needs to have a coherent narrative structure. The writer must be able to introduce, develop, and conclude the story effectively.

Controlled Ambiguity: Knowing how much information to leave implicit and how much to explain is an important skill. A touch of ambiguity can make the reader reflect and…